EDUCATIONAL session schedule

A complete listing of 2014 Educational Sessions is listed below.

All sessions are included in the conference registration fee unless otherwise noted. Speaker bios are available by clicking on their name. Additional speakers may be announced at later dates. Room assignments and will be posted in the Mobile Event App (available for iPhone and Android in June 2014) and in the printed event program distributed at Registration. Each session is labeled with a target experience level set by the speaker in order to help determine which sessions are appropriate for the attendee.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 | 8:30-9:45am
Innovation 101: Tips, Tricks, & Traps
Jim Barnes | Director of Operations, Village of Wellington
In today's environment, we are challenged to implement more projects with fewer resources. Everything has changed and this is the "new normal".  How you differentiate between the urgent and the important, navigate today's innovation crisis, and strategize for tomorrow's challenges will impact the long-term success of your project, event, and organization.  The old adage "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got..." has never been truer.  This demands that new concepts be applied to old processes, thus requiring a different perspective applied to the same challenges we have encountered over time.  If we fail to innovate, we plan to fail.  Innovators are not necessarily born, they are made.  Innovation is not only an outcome but a process.  To that end, this session will review the necessary ingredients to successful innovation including the role innovators take in an organizations as well as obstacles to innovation.
Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, and the Art of Sharing Visual Content
Kevin McNulty | President and CEO, NetWeave Social Networking
This business-focused seminar will help you learn more about how you can utilize these fast-growing social media tools to increase your web presence, sales and attendance for your events. Topics include:
•        Is your audience on these sites?
•        What is most shareable?
•        Setting up your account
•        The art of the caption and back-link
•        Watermarking and copyrights
•        Vine & Instagram video tips
 •       Measuring success
 •       How to pin like a pro
Mindful Leadership: Creating the Space to Lead
Emily Rogers | Founder, Emily Rogers Consulting + Coaching
Mindful leadership starts with the self and is a powerful tool for business people, public service officials, directors of organizations, entrepreneurs and anyone else in a position to influence others. It invites leaders to explore for themselves the possibility of bringing all of their mind’s capacities to each moment in their lives and work, resulting in enhanced performance, greater productivity and improved well-being.
Mindfulness training teaches leaders to rely not just on analytical resources and strengths, but to intentionally cultivate and strengthen the mind’s capacity to be fully present. In doing so, leaders begin to see, hear and think with greater clarity, and improve their decision-making abilities.
Business of Beer
Mandy Llanes  | CSR Region Manager, Anheuser-Busch Companies
From small community events to large scale festivals, alcohol sales can help boost your bottom line if done effectively and responsibly. Along with several successful wholesalers from throughout the state, Mandy Llanes will review what makes a successful partnership between an event and Anheuser Busch along with proven methods to increase alcohol sales while ensuring you are serving responsibly.
Wednesday, August 13, 2014 | 10:00am – 11:30am
Decide: Your Event, Your Life, Your Decisions
Based on Steve McClatchy’s New York Times Bestselling Book - Decide
Steve McClatchy  |  President, Alleer Training & Consulting
Your life is a product of your decisions. Your criteria for making decisions is at the very core of your effectiveness.   Great decision making habits can yield a lifetime of success and achievements while poor ones can keep you stressed, frustrated and out of balance.  In this fast paced, interactive and engaging presentation you will learn how to prevent “burn out” and “ruts” and perform at your personal best on a daily basis.  Decide will teach you which decisions bring you success, balance, reduced stress and control and which ones do not. After attending this presentation participants will be able to:
  • Focus on results and the true drivers of performance.
  • Regain critical planning and personal time.
  • Dramatically increase work and life engagement.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 | 1:00-1:30pm


Planning without the Binder
Jon Summersfield  |  President, Roundtable HQ

Leading Multigenerational Staff & Volunteers
Jim Barnes |  Director of Operations, Village of Wellington

Customer Service 101 for Special Events
Paul Bell | National Sales Director, Shopper’s Critique International

Using Social Media for Customer Service
Kevin McNulty | President & CEO, NetWeave Social Networking

Copyrights and Releases: The Liabilities of Event Photography
Bill Eadie | Professional Photographer

Utilizing Volunteer Groups Efficiently
Nancy Stewart-Franczak | Festival Management Group

Audio, Lighting & Green M&Ms - Questions you should ask when booking the talent for your event.  
Evan Narlinger  |  Rebekah's Dreams Entertainment & Production Services

How to use your Holiday Lights to increase tourism and economic development revenue
Tammy Peters, President, North Pole Productions

Booking Entertainment (From an Performer's Perspective)
Tim Charron, Tim Charron Band
Wednesday, August 13, 2014 | 1:45-3:00pm

Integrating Departments Within Your Municipal Government Agency During Event Planning
Andrea Ramos | Community Engagement Administrator, City of North Miami
Many Special Event Planners work for government agencies and juggle not only one large special event, but a large variety of events throughout the year.  Have you felt alone in the ocean of events? You are not alone! Many government agencies have a “go to” employee, department or division that they lean on to assist in some of the planning. There are some simple strategies to developing a “TEAM” with many city departments to develop a cohesive plan for your agency’s special event. Create your own plan and strategy for your community events.
Creating Successful Sponsorship Recruitment & Retention Collateral Materials
Angel Postell | Home Team Public Relations
Are you updating your sponsorship proposals and agreements by simply changing the date? If so, you need to rethink your strategy. Now more than ever the sponsorship market is highly competitive and yes, the collateral materials you submit to sponsors reflect the value you place on them. This session will review the value of quality collateral materials to the success of quality sponsorships.  Effective planning during your sponsorship campaign with creative and thoughtful collateral materials can be critical to the overall success of your event.
Raising the Bar for Mobile and Ticketing Audience Engagement
Michael Patrick  |  Senior Sales Executive, CrowdTorch by Cvent
Smartphones are dominating today’s technological landscape with an adoption rate that’s ten times higher than that of PCs when they first took off.  Along with this surge in smartphone use, mobile apps have become increasingly popular at consumer events like festivals, fairs and sporting and social events. They allow attendees to easily access event information and share updates with their social networks, and help organizers build a shared community where they can capture excitement and create conversation around each event.
In addition, organizers have leveraged mobile apps to build excitement for their ticket holders leading up to and during their events. Tying social media together with a mobile app has increased audience engagement, which ultimately leads to an increase of ticket sales. Lastly, having a mobile app provides convenience to attendees as they can purchase tickets for themselves and friends all at their fingertips.
This interactive session will explore how mobile and ticketing trends are creating new market channels, level of social media sharing and new opportunities for attendees to engage.
Microsoft Outlook Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts
Steve McClatchy  |  President, Alleer Training & Consulting
How much of your time do you spend each day using Microsoft Outlook®?  Do you consider yourself a power user?  In this module participants will learn the best kept secrets of Microsoft Outlook®.  This module does not require a computer for each participant and applies to Outlook® 2007, 2010 & 2013.  This session promises to turn you into a Microsoft Outlook® advanced expert.  Here is a sample of what you will learn:
Topics Covered:
•        How to set up the Outlook® To-Do Bar to manage “multiple to-do lists.”
•        How and where to keep lists of “don’t forgets.”
•        How to delay delivery, include voting buttons, have replies sent to someone different, request read receipts and set importance level of e-mails.
•        How to use Outlook for performance management and performance documentation.
•        How to turn procrastinated tasks into scheduled appointments in one click.
•        How to use signature templates to send follow up and routine emails in under 10 seconds.
•        How to turn off the email notification for every email and turn it on for specific people.
•        How to use folders and “rules” to organize your emails.
•        How to use “drag & drop” for virtually everything. 
•        How to use Outlook® for remembering birthdays, anniversaries with the company and a million other things. 
•        How to reduce the size of your Outlook without losing important data.
•        How to delegate tasks and receive progress updates.
•        Learn management strategies if your Smartphone syncs with your Outlook. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 | 3:15-4:30pm
Where to Find Grant Sources for Your Event
Rachel Waterman | Senior Development Consultant/Economic Development Specialist, Global Development Solutions
Money! Money! Money! It takes a lot of money to produce events. Grant funding is a viable revenue stream for event implementation. You only need to know where to look. Participants in this workshop will learn about resources for grant seeking and potential sources of funding for events. Participants will have the opportunity to buy a resource CD with live links to potential funding sources, grant applications, and grant seeking resources. Participants will also learn the basics of writing a good grant proposal.
Growing your Event From Average to Amazing
Angel Postell | President, Home Team Public Relations
In 2005, Angel Postell founded the inaugural Charleston Wine + Food Festivaland was thereafter hired as the Executive Director. Within those 10 years the event has grown and is now considered one of the top 5 wine and food festivals in the United States by Forbes Traveler. The event showcases the talent of the worlds most celebrated chefs culinary professionals and winemakers at more than 80 events and over 22,000 food and wine connoisseurs travel from throughout the country to attend the event annually. In this presentation, Angel will share the steps she took over the 10 years to grow the event from Average to Amazing, now with an Economic Impact of over $31 million.

Social Media: Does It Work? Metrics & Measurement – Starter Strategies for Success
Michelle Bergstein-Fontanez | President, Event Industry Marketing by BeatCreative
Your event is all over social media, but, how do you know if it's working, or if you are just doing it all in vain? 
In this session we review the best starter strategies for successful social media measurement. We will uncover how to effectively measure your online social media efforts. Utilizing tools both free and inexpensive, we will review the best tactics and monthly protocols to employ that will get you on the road to results. Allowing you to optimize your social media efforts that will help you produce the best and most engaging content to your audience. Strategies that will help build traffic and help make your fans your biggest advocates. 

Trust, Conflict & Leading Relationships : The Keys to Building Highly Effective Relationships
Steve McClatchy  |  President, Alleer Training & Consulting
Trust is often viewed as a “nice to” instead of a “must have” business competency.  Understanding how trust affects morale, creativity, innovation, engagement, productivity, speed, quality, top talent retention and the bottom line is about understanding the real impact of trust.  The skills of building trust, communicating effectively, taking risks and resolving conflict can be the most important skills you will ever develop as a leader. In this presentation you will learn the keys to success in each of these areas and how to build a network of people you can trust and count on throughout your entire career.  If your success is determined by your ability to work successfully through others this is a presentation you won’t want to miss. 
After attending this presentation participants will be able to:
•           Better communicate, build trust and take risks in your relationships.
•           Listen and communicate more effectively.
•           Resolve conflict when it happens in a way that builds trust.   
•           Lead relationships vs. just manage relationships.        

Thursday, August 14, 2014 | 8:30-9:45am
Celebrating Main Street: Innovative Small Town Events
Ronni Wood | Coordinator, Florida Main Street Program
Time to get out of the “Festival Funk.”   Learn from three Main Street Managers their secrets to planning and implementing small town events with a twist.   These clever events achieve big impact, not only in attendance, but also in revenue.   Florida Main Street Coordinator will introduce speakers, as well as give overview of the Main Street Program. Main Street Managers Include:

  • Brianne Stefek, Executive Director, Kissimmee Main Street
  • Doris Tillman, Executive Director, Main Street Ft. Pierce
  • Karen Thompson, Executive Director, Chain Life Winter Haven

Best 25 New Online Strategies
Cassie Roberts | Partnership Director, Saffire Events
Become an online marketing super star! If you are looking for a session jam packed with practical, usable strategies, then this one is for you! You will learn 25 new ideas you can take home and implement at your event or venue throughout the year, including contesting, latest website best practices (including mobile!), social media in the off season, the best ways to spend your digital marketing resources and more. We'll also cover recent changes to online platforms so you can ensure that your efforts include the most up-to-date technology. Your "genius status" awaits!


Sponsorship Activation - The Key to Managing Successful Sponsor Partnerships
Brandi Griffith  |  Owner, Event Consulting Services

Let’s be honest.  Sponsorship dollars aren’t what they once were.  Sponsorships have moved beyond banners and logo impressions.  Helping your large and small cash and trade sponsors leverage and activate successful sponsorships means retention and growth for your event.  This session will highlight whys and hows of sponsorship activation that will put smiles on your sponsor’s face and dollars in your budgets.

Entertainment Idea Lab
David Ballard  | Events Coordinator, City of Gainesville;  Dan Goode  |  Event Director, Sunfest;  Randy Harrell  | Co-Founder, The Songwriter Agency; Rick Hubbard  |  The Kazoobie Kazoo Show Tim Charron, Tim Charron Band
Idea Sharing Session! The Entertainment Committee invites you to attend this interactive session for both events and entertainers to engage in a discussion on what makes an event successful from both vantage points.
Topics discussed will include:

  • Booking process / Scheduling Talent
  • Event promoting the acts / Acts promoting the Event
  • Advance communication between events and talent
  • Onsite logistics
  • Fulfilling the needs of the event
  • Branding for entertainment

Thursday, August 14, 2014 | 10:00-11:15am

Digital Commerce—Ill Wind or a Breath of Fresh Air?
Jim Shanklin | Executive VP, Festival Transaction Services, Inc.
Digital commerce is a global trend that is replacing cash at retail locations, and it is moving faster every year. The trend is leveraged by the growth of personal financial transactions using mobile Smart phones.  All retailers will adopt it soon--by choice or by default--including community events. Understand the components of this cultural and economic change and how it can benefit your event or your city's events in many ways, and how to anticipate the cultural changes that also will impact your event.
How much money does my event generate for my community? How to conduct your own preliminary economic impact analysis and why it's worth the trouble.
Rachel Waterman | Senior Development Consultant/Economic Development Specialist, Global Development Solutions
Everyone asks you- every year, what’s the economic impact of your event? Are you chasing that magic number? Participants in this workshop will address the following: A basic understanding of economic impact analysis (EIA).  Why conducting an economic impact analysis is important. What an EIA can tell you?  How an EIA can be utilized to promote your event and obtain sponsorship and grant funding?  Should you pay for an economic impact analysis? Participants will learn the basic steps to conducting their own preliminary economic impact analysis and share their results with elected officials, community members, Board members, and sponsors.
PR 101
Taryn Scher | “The Sparkle Boss”, TK Public Relations
Have you ever wondered how other festivals and events just like yours wind up in the pages of Southern Living, Travel + Leisure, Town & Country, Food & Wine, and more?
In this information-packed breakout session, Taryn Scher will offer 10 Tips for DIY Public Relations and give you all of the tools to get the media's attention. Taryn will teach you the best ways to grab a journalist's attention and land mega features in in-flight magazines, National television outlets and more.
CEO Roundtable
Facilitated by Emily Rogers
Idea Sharing Session! This session is dedicated to the interactive exchange of ideas and discussion of issues and trends among CEOs and Executive Directors.

Thursday, August 14, 2014 | 1:00-1:30pm


Planning without the Binder
Jon Summersfield  |  President, Roundtable HQ

People Operations
Richard Lopez |  Program Manager, Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival

Onsite Event Communications – What You Need to Know
Mike Segal | Owner, Lightning Wireless Solutions

Customer Service 101 for Special Events
Paul Bell | National Sales Director, Shopper’s Critique International

Using Social Media for Customer Service
Kevin McNulty | President & CEO, NetWeave Social Networking

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Ask (or Know) About PR
Taryn Scher | “The Sparkle Boss”, TK Public Relations

Copyrights and Releases: The Liabilities of Event Photography
Bill Eadie | Professional Photographer

4 Tips for Engaging with Bloggers When Promoting Your Event
Jenni Izzo, Senior Account Supervisor at Linda Costa Communications Group 

Thursday, August 14, 2014 | 1:45-3:00pm
Keeping Your Event a Success: 10 Tops You Need to Know Before Working With Law Enforcement
Brad Stevens | Detective, City of Fresno
Nothing can destroy your event faster than the perception that your event is Not safe. In this session you will learn how law enforcement views events & how to win us over so that we care about your event as much as you do...
Sponsor Idea Lab
Facilitated by Emily Rogers
Idea Sharing Session! Are you looking for new ideas for your sponsorship program? Do you have a great idea that has proven successful? Bring along your collateral materials and engage in discussion with your peers on what works best and new trends in the Sponsorship industry. Sponsors will be present as well to discuss the types of things they look for most from events.
Tying in Community Digital Resources to Amplify Your Events Reach
Terra Spero | Managing Partner, Real Time Marketing Group
By now most agencies have their own online “space”,  but there is a significant opportunity for community organizations to co-op between their lists for the highest reach for each event. Many events are so worried about only promoting their own, they don't think about the opportunities that an organized cooperative digital strategy could bring. This session discovers what a coop strategy could mean for you!
Recruiting, Training, & Retaining Festival Volunteers
Jarrett Bachman | Director of Research, Looking Glass Strategic Research Consultants
Volunteers can often be the lifeblood of a stellar event. Find out how to successfully recruit and train effective volunteers and enhance your own event!

Thursday, August 14, 2014 | 3:15-4:00pm
What Could Go Wrong With That? A Proactive Approach to Risk Management & Insurance
J.D. Linn | Producer, Haas & Wilkerson
An insurer’s nightmare, this important session will give specific examples of incidents that are currently trending in the events industry and ways to minimize the chance of one taking place at your event. The session will also show what can be done before your event to protect it from a potentially serious incident.
Earning the Digital Sponsorship Dollar - And Keeping It!
Cassie Roberts | Partnership Director, Saffire Events
The idea of sponsorship is as old as the hills—the hills of Athens, Greece to be specific! The Olympics have had sponsors since their 1896 games, one of the earliest records of modern sponsorship. Just like most things, sponsorship has shifted since the 19th century and the shift is moving digital. What can you do to make sure that your most important stakeholders are marketed in a way that fits this trend? Join us as we discuss sponsorship for the online age and the opportunities that are available to your event. Many of these ideas come at no additional out of pocket cost to a festival but provide a huge return for a sponsor. You’ll leave with many ideas that are easy to implement immediately!
How to Gain Media Partnerships for Your Events
Elizabeth Hamma  |  Market Manager, Palm Beach Broadcasting and Jennifer Cartwright | Asset Manager & Event Director, Palm Beach Broadcasting / Cobalt Events
Media Partnerships can increase your event awareness and attendance exponentially! Come hear from two experts on the best ways to gain media partnerships for your events and how to use these partnerships to create a win-win for your event and your local media
Tourism for Your City
Paul Phipps | Chief Marketing Officer, VISIT FLORIDA

As one of Florida's top industries, tourism is the largest job creator and a leading driver of the state's economy. 85 visitors support one Florida job. Please join VISIT FLORIDA's Chief Marketing Officer, Paul Phipps, to learn how you can be an advocate for your town and be a part of the VISIT FLORIDA vision in making Florida the No. 1 travel destination in the world.

Friday, August 15, 2014 | 8:30-9:45am

Crisis Communications
Brad Stevens | Detective, City of Fresno
Preparation for your event is key to your success.  You need a Plan! And, a backup plan!  Your emergency team needs to be built early, and you need to know who to turn to in a crisis and when's the right time.  This session will cover meeting with all members of your emergency team prior to the event, how to ensure that your contracts, signed months in advance, are in place to protect you and the event, and how to know your legal liabilities and limit them.
Building Innovative Sponsorship Revenue Options
Sue Fern | CEO and Founder, Fern Management Services
We know that most organizations only obtain 3% of the billions of sponsorship revenue available. Our mission is to provide options that will evolve ways for organizations to develop imperative revenue from vendor alliance programs. Our presentation offers options to build innovative partnerships to ensure organizations reduce their reliance on a single source revenue stream. We guide organizations to continue to develop strong alliances to deliver a win-win for all stakeholders.
Social Media Speed Networking Interactive Roundtables
Michelle Bergstein-Fontanez | President, Event Industry Marketing by BeatCreative
Social Media speed networking will be uncovering what's on your mind about social media, all the networks out there, and how we can tackle them together as an industry most effectively. Event Marketing Maven and social media enthusiast, Michelle Bergstein will lead the session as an interactive roundtable unconventional panel workshop, where selected attendees are the panelists!  The 75-minute session will be broken down into rotating segments where attendees will visit up to three different roundtables that will cover different social networks at each table. Collaborate with your peers as four attendees will be selected as social media ambassadors representing at each table and speaking on a social network they are most savvy at. These ambassadors will take a seat beside you to answer your questions and provide their insight into the specific social media tools and tactics. From new social media tools like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and to social media management tools like Buffer, we will uncover the best tools and tactics to optimize your efforts.

Engaging Millenials
Richard Lopez  |  Program Manager, South Beach Wine and Food Festival

Millenials, whether you love them or hate them... they're here! - and they are taking the event business by storm. Old business models will need to be revisited and there is no doubt that your interns and student volunteers are growing up, getting degrees, and are looking for the next step in their careers, specifically your event company. If this last statement makes you cringe then this is the presentation for you. 

In this tough transition, Richard is an event training aficionado who will show you how to roll out a motivational plan. Richard will share techniques and processes on how to motivate them from his experience in managing a volunteer program of 1,300+ - comprised entirely of millennials! He will touch upon millenial style leadership, hiring millennials, and how to convey the message to get millenials to provide the onsite support you need.

Friday, August 15, 2014 | 10:00am -11:15am

Volunteer Management
Every great event requires the helping hands of happy volunteers. Our session will cover the practical implementation of a cohesive volunteer program that includes the right incentives while matching volunteers' skills and interests with relevant volunteer positions. Join us for a lively discussion on best practices for volunteer management, coordination, and retention.

Techno Babble: Emerging Technology Shaping the Event Industry and What to do with It
J. Damany Daniel  |  Owner, The Event Nerd
Events aren’t just about creating a branded experience for guests, or conveying a message for clients, guests, and CEOs anymore. Increasingly, attendees and clients alike want ways to better engage, better connect, and measurably impact and be impacted by those events they are a part of. Technology continues to prove itself as the way to do all of those things, but frankly- it’s confusing. From apps that help you calculate how much food to have for your guests, to unique ways to disseminate information, to tools that make it possible to connect your guests with your client’s true message, the 21st century event is getting more connected, more plugged in, and more technological. Event professionals are expected to understand and execute theor clients’ events by capitalizing on the latest and greatest tools, but who’s showing us what’s best?

In this session, we’ll discuss some of the hottest trends in event technology and how they’re shaping the event experience. A hands-on presentation, this session is all about preparing you to deliver an exceptional experience to your clients by embracing the technology that is continually evolving around us. We’ll show how old school tools are meeting new school technology and creating epic experiences for guests, and memorable moments for clients.

 Digital Media as an Integration into the Bigger Picture
Terra Spero | Managing Partner, Real Time Marketing Group
How do you build ROA (Return on Awareness)? How do you build a digital proof of performance? How do you engage your committee to become your “on the ground” social advocates? How does it tie into your overall marketing plan?

Stories from the Frontline: Special Event Operations & Logistics
Stewart Auville  |  President, Standing Ovations; Harold Cummings  |  CEO, Drummer Boy Sound ProductionMickey Markoff  |  President, MDM Group

Join three seasoned event professionals for a candid discussion on best practices for Event Logistics. Everything from setup to teardown, dealing with vendors and the best organization tools will be reviewed. Come prepared with questions for these industry experts!


Friday, August 15, 2014  |  11:30am - 1:00pm

Closing Keynote

Time Capsule: Predictions for the Future of Events
Dan Berger | Chairman and CEO, Social Tables
You don’t know what you don’t know, but if you aren’t at least trying to predict the future of the event industry, you’ll find yourself a relic amongst innovation. Join us for an energetic, future-is-now discussion on the trajectory of the event industry.