Corporate Office Coordinator - B Lilley Productions
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Wednesday, February 10, 2016 11:06 AM

Corporate Office Coordinator

A positive team member, who supports the production company's portfolio of annual events and maintains the operations of multiple corporations.


  • Coordinate daily operations of corporate office: maintain records
  • Manage paper and electronic correspondence and multi-line phone system
  • Complete delegated task with minimal supervision
  • Provide administrative support to multiple team members and contractors
  • As required, assist on-site before, during and after Air Shows and special events
  • Assist accountant with bookkeeping, A/R & A/P responsibilities.
  • Record keeping of corporate meetings, documenting and follow up of action items


Skills and Qualifications

B.Lilley Productions is a production company based in the Cocoa Beach, Melbourne area.  Currently, the company produces four large-scale aeronautic events.  These events are produced in multiple states and require the candidate to thrive in a decentralized, dynamic, corporate environment.   Communication through electronic and virtual channels is highly utilized in day-to-day operations and requires a high level of communication skills as well as business etiquette.  The ideal candidate possesses the following qualities:

  • Productive in an autonomous office environment

The office manager will be responsible for support operations in the corporate office relevant to the support of off-site employees and contractors.  This includes pro-actively completing delegated task with minimal supervision.

  • Pro-actively work through problems to complete task and produce desired results.   The ability to      creatively work around and through issues is paramount to the position. 
  • Ability to organize work load to create work flow and efficient systems for self, company and others
  • Minimum AS or AA degree or equal experience


To inquire about this opportunity, please email Adrienne Dolly at