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RMA Special Events & Marketing Manager -
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Wednesday, May 07, 2014 11:41 AM

Special Events & Marketing Manager - Redevelopment Management Associates

Position Summary(Major Job Duties)

Under general direction, this position is responsible for planning and coordinating special events and marketing activities with a focus on retail business districts and commercial areas within a redevelopment area to create a vibrant, exciting destination for residents and visitors. Additional activities include PR, marketing and promotions, business attraction and communication, social media application, and organizing promotional activities and campaigns. Applicant must be passionate and have a high degree of energy and dedication and be able to work independently and efficiently.


Essential Functions:(Essential functions, as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act, may include the following tasks, knowledge skills, and other characteristics. This list is ILLUSTRATIVE ONLY, and is not a comprehensive listing of all functions and tasks performed by incumbents of this class.)


Duties and Responsibilities:(Which are not in any hierarchical order)

  1. Responsible for all special event and marketing activities within two redevelopment districts with a focus on the retail business districts and commercial areas.
  2. Manage major and monthly special events, seek sponsorships for events and oversee and coordinate all aspects of event planning and implementation.
  3. Meet with merchants on a regular basis to gain support and participation in redevelopment efforts. Work with merchants to improve the image of the businesses in the area.
  4. Responsible  for  business  attraction  including  meeting with  prospects,  identifying  target tenants, calling to follow up with potential tenants, and working   with area real estate professionals to attract new businesses.
  5. Oversee design of printed communications such as brochures, flyers, etc; update web site, daily social media activity, create newsletters, media, etc.
  6. Draft annual retail marketing plan to identify clear objectives and strategies to promote the redevelopment activities of the retail areas.
  7. Performs related duties as assigned.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • High degree of oral and written communication skills, personable and friendly disposition and a positive Can-Do attitude. Have a high level of energy and persistence and passion towards the mission of the Agency.
  • Experience in planning, coordinating and implementing special events, business promotions and multi-faceted activities.
  • Demonstrate experience at leveraging and receiving sponsorships, grants, in kind and other services to support retail promotions and special events or activities.
  • Have a strong dedication and commitment to assisting businesses
  • Knowledge of using social media as a promotional tool. Experience in application of social media in business promotion and attraction, attracting residents and visitors to events.
  • Knowledge of the principles, theories, philosophy and techniques of retail and commercial marketing, promotions, and advertising.
  • Ability to draft marketing plans and their application to retail and commercial marketing.
  • General knowledge of main streets or businesses improvement districts and their activities.
  • Knowledge of merchant development, merchant outreach processes and facilitation.
  • Strong presentation skills especially in visual presentations.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with subordinates, supervisors, peers, and the media.


Physical Requirements and Work Environment: Work involves walking and meeting with people in the field, sedentary to light work in an office setting, out in the community or at project locations.  There is occasional needs to stand, stoop, walk, sit lift objects (up to 25 pounds) and perform similar other actions during the course of the workday.   


Minimum Qualifications:  Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in Marketing,  Public Relations, Business, Retail Sales or a related field, or a minimum of five  (5) years proven experience in a related field, or any equivalent combination of training and experience. Experience in planning and coordinating special events and activities, retail marketing, business attraction, retail merchandizing. Experience in seeking sponsorships, value added promotions, advertising and media relations. A valid driver's license is required.


**Government experience and knowledge of the redevelopment process a plus**



Salary Range:  $40,000 - $55,000 DOE


Location:  RMA offices are located in Pompano Beach, downtown Miami and Delray Beach. 

**This position is based in the City of West Palm Beach** 



Apply to:

President & CEO, Children's Home Soecity
Job Postings
Tuesday, May 06, 2014 07:21 AM

Children's Home Society of Florida

Founded in 1902 in Jacksonville, Children’s Home Society of Florida (CHS) has become a state and national leader in the child welfare arena, striving to ensure every child has the opportunity to grow up safe, healthy and prepared for life. CHS is a beacon of hope for abused, abandoned and neglected children and families. Serving more than 100,000 kids and their family members, CHS is reaching every community in the state.

Throughout Florida, 1,900 team members and 6,164 volunteers work to break the tragic generational cycle of abuse for more children, to heal the pain for children who have already suffered, to find families for children who can never return home, and to prepare teenagers for successful transitions when they would otherwise face adulthood alone.
With a national reputation, CHS was instrumental in creating legislation to protect children’s rights. After playing an integral role in enacting Child Labor Laws, the organization drafted the Compulsory Education Law and rallied for the creation of the State Welfare Board and the agency that would become the Department of Children and Families. More recently, CHS assumed a lead role in the launch of community-based care as Florida underwent a dramatic shift with the privatization of child welfare. Florida remains one of the few states with a privatized system.

Children’s Home Society of Florida also supports innovative programs, including the development, expansion and sustainment of the community school model in Florida. Community schools address the holistic needs of students, recognizing the unique needs and challenges students - and their families - face. Many offer on-site access to health care, on-site food pantries, counseling, leadership opportunities, and cultural enrichment activities.
Additionally, CHS is a strong advocate and recognized voice for children at the local, state and national levels. Among other issues, the organization supports interventions to address the needs of victims of domestic minor sex trafficking, public policy to enhance the efficiency of case managers, and the retention of existing funding for services to children and families.

Headquartered in Winter Park, Florida, CHS has 15 primary locations and 90+ offices, reaching children in all 67 counties. Today, the organization has nearly $120 million in annual revenue.

In a careful and orderly search process, the Board of Directors is seeking a new President and Chief Executive Officer to build upon the incredible foundation put in place by longtime leader, Dave Bundy, who has announced he will retire later this year. The new President and Chief Executive Officer will be charged with leading this important and pivotal organization during a time of both expanding opportunities and rapid change as external forces continue to challenge the quality of services and resources available for children and families in need in Florida.

For more information, please visit

The Role
The President and Chief Executive Officer reports to the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors and is responsible for the overall management and leadership of the agency. He/she will work closely with the Executive Committee and the Board on the continual refinement and execution of strategic vision and plan, and the policies, programs and services needed to advance CHS’s focus from simply child welfare to overall child and family well-being.

The successful candidate will effectively oversee CHS’s resources, both personnel and fiscal, in an efficient and responsible manner, thereby protecting the organization and ensuring its long-term vitality and success. The Board seeks an outstanding leader who will embrace and motivate, develop, leverage and retain an outstanding staff.
The successful candidate will be called upon to travel and serve as the primary external spokesperson and ambassador for the mission, and will be expected to be actively engaged in and lead advocacy efforts at the local, state and national levels. This individual will be expected to enhance and further develop CHS’s relationships with all key constituencies and stakeholders, including legislators and policy-makers, opinion leaders, other business interests (i.e., healthcare and education), community-based care organizations, the media, and the general public. He/she will be a passionate advocate for children and families in the external market and continue to raise awareness and fight on behalf of the important work being done to protect the most vulnerable members of our community. Such an image is reflective of the genuine commitment of CHS to significant improvement in the quality of child welfare services.

Other responsibilities include:
Strategic Planning/Fiscal Management: To remain effective and respond to the needs of the community, it is imperative that the President and Chief Executive Officer continually review programming and confirm that resources are deployed in the most important areas that build on the organization’s core competencies and strengths. He/she must understand the economic complexities associated with the deliverables of the agency, given the variability in revenues, and ensure sound financial management for long-term sustainability.
Fundraising and Revenue Development: Fundraising and stakeholder engagement is a priority for this agency. Nearly eighty percent of its revenue is provided by government sources (local, state and federal), with the remainder coming from private and foundation support. The President and Chief Executive Officer must be proactive in relationship development in this regard and embrace digital and technology applications in particular. In addition, he/she must think innovatively about other areas for potential revenue development, e.g., building out additional competencies around broader health care, employability and/or education, with the goal of diversifying overall revenue streams and ensuring long-term financial sustainability.
Operations Management: The President and Chief Executive Officer must have a strong understanding of the many programs and services and offer guidance and oversight, as well as manage risk, and be accountable for QA/QC on behalf of the agency. He/she must set goals and metrics, and conduct careful monitoring of the programs and services and identify opportunities for strategic growth.
External Relations: The President and Chief Executive Officer will lead the agency in promoting strong and effective relationships with partners inclusive of, but not limited to the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and other community-based care organizations (CBCs), and the Legislature. He/she must have a genuine commitment and passion for the values that fuel the mission of the agency. In addition, the President and Chief Executive Officer will play a lead role in representing the agency in the communities CHS serves as well as in the political and media environments. It is critical he/she be recognized as a statewide leader and earn the trust and credibility of partners to meet the emerging needs and ensure strong support from the agency’s many constituencies.

Candidate Profile
The successful candidate will be a person with a high level of both energy and compassion for children and families in need and impeccable personal and professional integrity. He/she must possess the right balance of self-confidence and humility.
The next leader will have proven leadership in the corporate, academic, non-profit or public sectors. He/she will have direct management experience within a complex organizational structure of similar size and scale and be able to show effective results working in highly challenging situations. The candidate must exhibit a record of success in operations, government and community relations and fundraising.

He/she will have outstanding judgment and be a critical thinker, able to help the Board make strategic decisions about the direction of the agency. This individual will be a force for constructive dialogue and for a constituency in need of a strong voice. The new President and Chief Executive Officer will understand the intersection of child welfare, business and policy, and how to integrate the components of each for the betterment of children and families and the organization overall. He/she will have demonstrated organizational abilities and be skilled at leading a team to execute and deliver results in a complex and rapidly changing environment.

The individual must have outstanding interpersonal and communication skills. He/she will be a servant-minded listener who engages all constituencies in a meaningful and respectful manner. The President and Chief Executive Officer must be skilled at building bridges and developing relationships in a variety of settings with diverse constituencies. A strong emphasis will be placed upon the proven ability to deal with a broad range of individuals, backgrounds and perspectives in a collaborative, strategic and consensus-driven manner.
While emphasis is placed on the externally-focused competencies, this is not at the expense of strong leadership skills that will enable him/her to oversee the management of the internal staff. The successful candidate must be able to set strategic direction for the organization, prioritize and define clear goals for staff, and manage performance toward achievement of those goals. Further, he/she must have the executive skills to work with and support the Board and Executive Committee in a highly effective manner.

In terms of the performance and personal competencies required for the position, we would highlight the following:
Motivating and Developing Teams
The ideal candidate will possess leadership experience and the ability to effectively run a decentralized organization with natural tensions that exist between field and headquarters. He/she must work well in a team environment and be able to inspire and motivate staff and thrive in a culture that prioritizes innovation, creativity and urgency in serving its constituents. Ideally, the successful candidate would have a demonstrated track record of effectively running a complex organization or large team, both from a fiscal and personnel standpoint. The President and Chief Executive Officer will understand how to leverage a high-performing staff, as well as the resources throughout the agency. He/she will value talent and inspire and motivate teams to work together with a clear direction and purpose. The candidate should have experience setting an overarching strategic direction, prioritizing, defining clear goals, and ensuring that everyone understands their responsibilities and is motivated to achieve results.
Leading Strategy
The ideal candidate will be a strategic individual who can provide dynamic leadership for the agency. He/she must embrace innovation, and be able to lead the Board in implementing a long-term agenda on behalf of children and families. He/she must be astute at managing crisis and have an eye on policy issues -- while keeping focus on the long-term strategic goals set forth. The successful candidate will be capable of quickly attaining stature and respect amongst peers and partners and at the highest levels of government. He/she will have the business acumen to run a complex ‘enterprise’ or agency such as CHS and have the ability to think high-level about the broad umbrella, while maintaining a thorough understanding of the many drivers that can complicate work being done in our divisions and state-wide.
Executing Results
The ideal candidate must display a reasonable amount of tenacity and persistence. When necessary, he/she must be able to stand steadfast in terms of what must be done to serve the community despite difficult obstacles and resistance. A strategic and entrepreneurial mindset to move the agency forward with focus, efficiency and innovation while preserving an unparalleled quality of service is essential.
The ability to envision long-term market potential, anticipate future opportunities and/or problems and be able to develop strategies to address these areas will be crucial. He/she will navigate confidently in ambiguous situations and have the confidence to spend the time listening and learning in new situations before driving change.
Building Relationships and Using Influence
The ideal candidate will be a diplomat, collaborator, motivator and relationship-builder. He/she must have the ability to build and sustain real and meaningful relationships with relevant parties, including key business community partners, policy-makers and influencers, and other child welfare agencies and partners. The successful candidate will have a track record of creating and cultivating networks of people and leveraging them to accomplish objectives. The ability to build bridges and alliances across
the broad spectrum of external constituencies, including with other business interests, is an essential skill. This individual must be articulate and persuasive, and be able to influence others to act on compelling logic and facts. He/she must also be a person who can represent the organization well externally in all venues in an inspiring and compelling manner that tells the story of CHS and motivates people towards action. In addition, he/she will have an appreciation for and commitment to building the next generation of leadership across the staff, Board and donor base.
Interpersonal Acumen
While the successful candidate must be a decisive, strategic leader, this individual must also have outstanding interpersonal skills. The successful candidate will have an executive presence, yet possess a style that is collegial, approachable and direct. He/she must be a keen listener who picks up on detail and nuance and can intuitively develop insights regarding people and situations. This individual must be able to work easily and effectively with people who have diverse backgrounds and perspectives. The successful candidate will demonstrate resolve, balanced with reason and diplomacy. Moreover, the person must be able to communicate well on substantive complex topics with different audiences in a variety of settings, ranging from large groups to one-on-one interactions.

To nominate candidates and/or to apply directly, please send a letter of interest and resume to
Kimberly Archer and/or Mary Tydings Russell Reynolds Associates 1701 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Suite 400 Washington, DC 20006-5810 Phone: (202) 654-7800

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