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Funclick USA - Sales Associate
Job Postings
Monday, November 17, 2014 08:43 AM
Funclick USA - Sales Associate

We are looking for a sales associate to obtain new business, generate sales leads, develop client referrals, make calls to new clients, visit clients, develop sales proposals and contracts, maintain sales activity records and reports, ensure customer service satisfaction and good client relationships, conduct market research, participate in sales events.

  • Must be articulate, polished and able to present to all levels of managements and a varied client base
  • Develop event concepts from client's visions and ideas
  • Must have excellent writing AND computer skills (including internet and Microsoft office -- excel, power point, word)
  • Answer all telephone calls in a prompt, pleasant, professional and courteous manner
  • Attend all necessary meetings and take appropriate notes
  • Be Self Motivated, creative, imaginative, detail oriented and posses a natural ability to interact with people

To apply contact Jarbas Benzos:
Achievement Centers for Children and Families - Chief Program Officer
Job Postings
Tuesday, November 11, 2014 09:04 AM

Achievement Centers for Children and Families - Chief Program Officer
Job Description

Overview: This is a highly responsible management position requiring extensive experience, training, and leadership skills. This position is responsible for all aspects of program implementation and delivery of service and has independent authority and oversight. The Chief Program Officer is responsible for ensuring services are delivered in accordance to the agency’s mission, values, and within best practices while adhering to terms set forth by affiliated regulatory agencies.

Classification: Exempt – Salaried
Reports to: CEO
Duties & Responsibilities:

Supervisory Role & Staff Development

·         Assumes responsibility for day-to-day programmatic operation of all programs at all sites and in all matters of program delivery including but not limited to curricula, personnel, staffing patterns/coverage, and quality assurance.

·         Works in coordination with the CEO and assumes the responsibilities of that position in her/his absence.

·         In conjunction with CEO, works with members from the governing Operational Board and Foundation Board and staff, funding agency representatives, volunteers, and contributors as necessary to provide resources, assistance, direction, and insight within the scope of program delivery.

·         Interviews, hires, assigns, directs, coordinates, and if necessary, trains key program directors, managers, and administrative staff to cover the scope of all program operations, assuming responsibility for outcomes.

·         Confers with program directors on performance evaluations, grievance concerns, disciplinary matters, agency policies, and other employee issues; assists with the implementation and formulation of such policies by working with the CEO and within appropriate labor policies and regulations; conducts annual performance evaluations with program directors and other assigned staff.

·         Conducts and/or assigns leadership to provide staff meetings for all personnel on a regularly scheduled basis in no less than monthly intervals.

  • Works with Human Resources Manager to ensure all program personnel have appropriate and updated credentials, training, continuing education, and screening.

·         Acts as liaison for the agency with governmental, monitoring, contractual, and funding partners and agencies.

·         Keeps the CEO and other key administrators informed of program concerns, limitations, accomplishments, activities, events, and in all matters where approvals and coordination of efforts are required.

Regulatory & Monitoring Compliance

·         Ensures agency compliance for all programmatic requirements as set forth by licensing departments, contracts, Board policies, accreditations, trainings, and any rules and regulations affecting the agency. Such regulatory affiliates include but are not limited to NAEYC, QIS, Head Start, Family Central, Early Learning Coalition, Child Care Food Program, and Voluntary PreK Programs.

·         Provides necessary narratives, financial information, and required documents for proposals in a timely and efficient manner to regulatory affiliates aforementioned.

·         Maintains working knowledge and oversees the adherence to agreements, compliance requirements, deliverables, and outcomes for all contracts and grants affecting direct service. Coordinates and assigns administrative staff within this duty; trains and supervises as necessary, assuring all requirements are met.

·         Reviews reports generated by assigned personnel for accuracy before timely submission. Monitors program evaluations and manages the implementation of any corrective actions as necessary.

·         Works within budgetary guidelines and confers with CEO on a regular basis concerning fiscal management and budgeting. Leads and directs program administrators in fiscal spending and reporting and coordinates with the finance department, Foundation, and CEO on key fiscal requirements.

Programmatic Development & Effectiveness

·         Confers with clients as needed, conducts parent conferences, and acts as a resource for all programs to foster a high level of parent involvement; offers direction, guidance, and insight to program directors, managers, and staff.

·         Reviews and steers program curricula, events, and delivery of service while maintaining quality control with appropriate personnel.

·         Acts as the lead with respect to outcome measurements, conferring with the CEO and Foundation Executive Director; assigns and oversees data collection duties and assures evaluation tools are administered appropriately for outcome measurements.

·         Works with appropriate personnel to assemble and analyze outcome results to develop goals and/or administer corrective actions based on results.

·         Obtains all required credentials, training, and continuing education necessary to perform job duties and meets standards.

·         Works with the CEO, Foundation Office, and program staff to strategically develop programming consistent with the agency’s mission, vision, and values.

·         Oversees implementation of goals and timelines reflective of the agency’s strategic plan, contributing to grant content and visioning for new programmatic additions; oversees new program implementation.

·         Something about grants and working with Foundation Executive Director.

 Educational Requirements
BA degree from accredited college in education, program management or similar; teachers certification preferred, 40-hour DCF course and Center Director’s Credentials preferred (or willingness to begin to obtain credentials within the first year of employment), ten (10) years of experience in nonprofit programming, direct service and personnel, and budget management.
Essential Skills/Abilities

  • Ability to analyze curriculum data and effectively compile and write outcome reports
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Strong leadership skills and public speaking skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office
  • Proficiency in creating and managing program budgets
  • Ability to manage time effectively and multi-task several projects at once and remain flexible regarding work assignments, promptly responding to changing demands and priorities

Other Employment Information

  • Fingerprinting and background check
  • Pre-employment and random drug screening
  • 90-day initial probation period
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