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Crowd Manager Certification Training

Date: Aug 20, 2019
The Florida Fire Prevention Code requires that all places of assembly including venues and festivals must have at least (1) crowd manager or crowd manager supervisor. Where occupant loads exceed 250, additional crowd managers/supervisors may be required at the ratio of 1 crowd manager/supervisor for every 250 occupants (NFPA 101, Section 12.7.6). The Fire Marshal’s Office will be issuing a violation to assembly occupancies without trained crowd managers.

Event Managers will be conducting your required crowd management training class prior to the start of the FFEA Convention & Tradeshow.

Participants who successfully complete the course will learn how to:
  • Conduct pre-event inspections to identify problems with exits and egress paths and ensure required fire systems are operational
  • Use a portable fire extinguisher
  • Guide the crowd in an emergency
  • Recognize when to use protection strategies, including defend-in-place, evacuation or partial evacuation
  • React to deteriorating weather conditions
  • Identify problem attendees and how to respond once they're identified
  • Coordinate with emergency responders
Separate Registration Required. $50 per person
Includes Course Instruction & Testing and Certification Card (valid for 3 years)

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