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Protecting Your Data

Date: Aug 21, 2019

Session Description

Festival and events often attract large crowds and poor planning can increase the chances of attacks whether it's during an event or online. Many event organizers talk about the importance of security but often overlook cyber security. In the event industry, you are dealing with a lot of seemingly-innocuous data but this data can include sensitive information and can be used by malicious users. It could be anything from registration to online banking information and every data collected, needs to be protected. Organizing and encrypting sensitive data are essential elements of event planning and this session will cover best practices so you can protect your data.

Topics will include:
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance
  • Get your website secured
  • Tips on Communicating Data/Privacy Policies
  • Encrypt Your files
  • Establish security protoco
  • lSet devices to lock quickly
  • Plan B: What if data is compromised?

Targeted Experience Level:
Intermediate, Advanced

Aly Hussaini Aly Hussaini Eventeny


Cofounder & CEO, Eventeny

Aly Hussaini is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Eventeny. A graduate from Duke University, he has been coding since 9 years old and developed over 40 web platforms, apps, and games. He also has full-stack development experience, especially with SaaS and marketing automation. Prior to founding Eventeny, he worked with Salesforce and Capital One for 6 years, and hosted large healthcare business summits.
Nausheen Punjani Nausheen Punjani


Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer, Eventeny

Nausheen Punjani is the co-founder and Chief Growth Officer of Eventeny. After graduating from Boston University with a master's in Biostastics, she gained 8+ years of experience in sales management and statistical analysis. She also has backend development and UI/UX experience. Prior to founding Eventeny, she worked for American Cancer Society, Piedmont Hospital, and various CDC projects.
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