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Date: Dec 01 - Dec 17, 2023
Everyone thinks they know Ophelia’s story, and that’s the problem. Her dad says he knows what’s best. Her brother has plans for her future. Hamlet believes his way is the right one. But what about what Ophelia actually wants?
Attempting to make sense of her world, she stumbles into a garden of flowers that each has their own idea of what it means to be a woman in the state of Denmark.
This brand new musical by Jeremiah Gibbons reimagines Ophelia’s story and explores the pressures society places on women and finding oneself in a sea of opposing voices.
Ophelia - Laura Powalisz
Hamlet - Logan Creasman
Dad - Natalie Doliner
Bro - Pao Ayala
Flowers - Marisol Robles, Anisha Brown, Ashley Vogt, Emilie Scheetz, Lex Bentley, Megan Markham, Carson Holley, Maricel Cumbo
Ophelia U/S - Sara Chacin
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