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Event Success Stories - Complete Ticket Solutions

In the light of the pandemic, we had many companies and organizations pivot to other sources of use to keep their employees working. In today’s feature, Ivan Marin, Executive Vice President and COO of Complete Ticket Solutions, shares what his company did to keep his talented and highly trained staff during this time of uncertainty.

Complete Ticket Solutions is located in Miami, which was one of the slower cities to get started back with events. They wanted to make sure they kept their employees working, so they took on many different streams of business to make that happen. Ivan explained, “They have always traveled for concerts and events, but now it was even more. They were booking events in Ocala, Maryland, New York and South Dakota to name a few. If events did not need us as ticket sellers, we become COVID Ambassadors. We would ask people to make sure to put their mask on at events. We had a great phone center in our building, so we partnered with a family friend to be their customer service for their face shields. Some of our team became warehouse staff stuffing shields into boxes to go out for shipping. The great thing is all of our employees adapted. We did not want to lose our team of great people during this.”

When asking what was one of the most unique things, they created during COVID? Ivan said, “One of the most unique things they did during this time was the QR code being used at events. Venues could not afford to have people onsite and marketing the QR code allowed for a quick entry into the event with limited amount of team to be at the event. They also had such great buy in from their employees during this time and they created their own lists of projects. These projects created by the employees were manuals on how to get things done within the jobs. These were the things they always wanted to do, but with so many events they never had time. COVID gave them time to write their manuals and they are using them now to better the company.”

We spoke about what the Ivan thought the outcome would be in the future for the event industry. Ivan said, “The new norm should be the term for the future of events. Every year it needs to be fresh. We need to always be thinking outside of the box and creating new and innovative ideas to grow your company. You can’t just say you do x; you need to do multiple things in different avenues to do when things go down. No event is too small or too big is our motto.

As we closed up the interview, I asked him if there was anything else he would like to say to the FFEA community.

“One thing I want to tell the FFEA community is that I am proud of everyone in the event world. Venues have been putting all their resources on the line to get back to their customers. We are a tough bunch in the event world is its great to see this community work together. Everyone is craving for events to come back and we get to give back to the world normalcy. We help people. Some of the things I personally learned during this time were to never take things for granted and family time is very important."

Featured in this interview:

Complete Ticket Solutions, Inc.
5201 Anglers Avenue, Suite 107
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33312-6004

Phone: 954-889-0875

Email: sales@completeticketsolutions.com

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