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Event Success Stories - South Lake Chamber of Commerce

Keeping live events going in Florida during the pandemic was easier in Lake County as they were able to bring them back faster than their neighbors in Orange County. In today's feature, Amanda Nethero, Marketing, Communications, and Event Director for the South Lake Chamber of Commerce, shared how they returned to normalcy in Clermont.

“It was weird to look to our neighbors that we normally follow in Orange County, which we can see out the building of our office, and they had stricter guidelines than us. We made sure to follow all CDC mandates with social distancing, hand sanitization, and increased cleaning like the state was doing. We didn’t have much of a shutdown except at the beginning of the pandemic. Masks were not mandated, but limited capacities were,” Amanda said. She then spoke on their busiest time, “It was during shutdown. We were worried for empty storefront from businesses closing after some businesses had just opened weeks before the shutdown.” The South Lake Chamber of Commerce helped businesses by pushing out resources and updates to everything available to them from the city and county. They had weekly zoom calls to update the businesses on resources and offered gift cards to raffle off to restaurants to give them exposure for takeout. Some of their businesses took off as they were not able to seat many people before in their brick-and-mortar operation, but with take out they could service more people. They were also able to create places for people to network together as we were all so isolated with meetups to help volunteer for local food drops.

One of their favorite things they do is Monday coffee calls. During the pandemic they were able to go virtual and it allowed more members to make the early morning calls. This is something they will continue in the future, so they can keep connecting easily. Some of the things the board members did to help businesses stay relevant was to take photos outside of their storefronts and post them on social media showing that they were in business and their hours of operation. Teacher Appreciation also changed during this time as they normally hosted 800 teachers in 2 days for a lunch event. They made it more personal now where they deliver a donation for lunch to be purchased and given to the teachers at the school and arranged 100 backpacks to be donated when they drop off the lunch donation.

When looking to the future, Amanda said, “We all need to move forward and be creative on our feet. It was really cool to see how people adapted to the shutdown and their willingness to work together to make sure the industry moved forward. FFEA allowed us to share ideas and help each other. I am excited to see all we can do as an industry and how we keep innovating and moving forward together."

South Lake Chamber of Commerce and Amanda Nethero are one of our true Florida Heroes. They adapted to the changes that happened in the event industry due to the pandemic and have made it out with their team and even stronger together.

Christina wants everyone in the community of FFEA to remember this, “Do not be afraid to restructure and take a new direction when it comes to your events. We are excited for new ideas and making events even more personalized and special for our guests.”

Featured in this interview:

The South Lake Chamber of Commerce
620 W Montrose St
Clermont, FL 34711

Phone: (352) 394-4191

Email: office@southlakechamber-fl.com

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