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Event Success Stories - Event Village

In today's feature, Melissa Frantz, Co-Founder & CEO of Event Village, shared all that shifted at her facility before, during, and after the pandemic. Melissa has 30 plus years in producing events and marketplaces across the county. Melissa saw that the industry needed an injection of technology in it. She started this business before the pandemic, but she did have to shift her first plan once the pandemic started and created this marketplace experience online.

She built an e-commerce website to take artisanal vendors to venues and events. It’s a big artisanal market 24/7, especially when markets and fairs were closed due to COVID 19, this gave a place for these vendors to showcase their products. Melissa said, "Out of negativity we find creativity!" She also created workshops that you can participate by zoom with the artists and vendors on the site. This is a great opportunity to see how the garments are made, meet the artists, and ask questions on the spot. She has already had a couple of redesigns of the site to improve it since it was created.

One of the best practices she came up with and will continue using after the pandemic is popping up live. You can do live selling on Instagram, but its cumbersome to finish your transaction and make a purchase. With Event Village, they will host live marketplaces where you can speak with the vendors online and shop while staying in your jammies and drinking a glass of bubbly. Each vendor can now also have their own store in the marketplace, and you can shop with a seamless transaction.

As of now this is a virtual shop, but Melissa hopes that she can establish a brand and, in the future, create road shows to create a vendor community so people can learn and grow together. Event Village leveled the playing field and supports marketing efforts for local artisans so they can focus on what they do best. This is the best place to support local!

Melissa’s final words in our interview were about the future of events. She said, “Events are definitely coming back, and I learned you can still do a physical event, but you participate in so much more when you are virtual from anywhere. It’s the future. Sponsors are now able to broaden their reach as they are not confined to an area with virtual events. As far as the pandemic, we will all figure it out along the way!”

Featured in this interview:

Event Village

Miami, FL 33127

Phone: (305) 479-7263

Email: melissa@eventvillage.world

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