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Event Success Stories - Seabreeze Jazz Festival

The Seabreeze Jazz Festival is one of the best smooth jazz music festivals in the United States! They offer four days of smooth jazz performances on the Main Stage, but they have expanded to host parallel events throughout the week that make their event a full vacation. Seabreeze hosts nightly after parties, a CD Release Party on Friday, and a Dinner Cruise. On a typical year, their event hosts 7,500 attendees each day of their main stage performances.

“In the Panhandle, we had less cases than in other areas and a beach community with open areas so our progression of coming back after the pandemic was more progressive and faster than other areas of the state. We were able to have concerts in the parks and farmer markets pretty quickly after opening back up,” said Amberly Brown, Event Vendor Manager as well as Head of Festival Merchandising for the Seabreeze Jazz Festival.

Due to the pandemic, the 2020 Seabreeze Jazz Festival was postponed a month out from the event to take place instead in April 2021. "We just produced our 2021 event this past April with a Covid-19 event plan and protocols in place," said Amberly. For the first time ever, they offered ticket holders the option to either attend in person or livestream the show from home. In accordance with their COVID Plan, they reduced event capacity by 25% and saw attendance of approximately 5,000 attendees a day each day. They still produced the event with Staff, Volunteers, and vendors as they would in a typical year. Amberly said, "We are glad to be back in business and are encouraged by the enthusiasm from our fans as we begin planning for our 2022 event."

Some of the new ideas they came up with to promote the event for an entire year was to create an online merchandise shop. This kept the hype for a year since the artists would be the same for 2021 event. They also made multiple after parties and made more opportunities for people to space out during them. They moved the layout to create space for the after parties on site. All the vendors were located in the same space this year and the area was transformed into a food court area as a centralized eating area with a beautiful bistro tent and party area. This also allowed for people to have a specific place to rest and take their masks off.

Ms. Brown is excited to see the turn around after 2020. Some of the things to note for upcoming years of events from her perspective, “Ticket sales for events are selling quicker than ever. Presales are selling out events before we even get to the on sale. 2022 is going to be exciting as vendors and musicians are eager to get back on stage. We need to pat ourselves on the back as we all got through 2020. After we get through this as an industry, we should get matching tattoos to commemorate that we made it.” She also mentioned how great FFEA has been as a source for information, chats with other people in the industry, and support on how to get back ready for events.

Featured in this interview:

Seabreeze Jazz Festival
600 S Pier Park Dr.
Panama City Beach, FL 32413

Email: info@seabreezejazzfestival.com

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