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Build A Brand Worth Billions

Date: Aug 21, 2019

Session Description:

Have you ever noticed how some brands are just more fun to follow? They "get you" with every ad and say the right things at just the right time, almost better than your last boyfriend. Their brand personality makes you almost hope they're your NEXT boyfriend! So how do you make YOUR brand personality speak to your customers that way? Like any fine wine, it's not something that matures overnight, but in this session we'll cover the ins and outs of embracing the best your brand can be!

Targeted Audience Level:

Cassie Roberts-Dispenza Cassie Roberts-Dispenza


Director of Marketing & Partnerships, Saffire

Cassie has extensive experience with online marketing and event planning. She has planned strategic events with many companies including the Austin Sports Commission and the United States Olympic Committee. She started working with Saffire in 2011 and since then, the company has grown from supporting a few great organizations in Texas to partnering with hundreds of unique events, venues and destinations across the country. Cassie loves traveling to conferences to share strategic online planning tactics and doesn't mind getting her boots dirty if you see her and need an extra volunteer.
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