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Chairman's Council

Since it's inception FFEA has been fortunate to have had some incredible leadership from both our Board members and staff who serve as a very valuable piece of the history FFEA.

To that end, we have created a Chairman’s Council that is comprised of past Chairmen/Chairwomen who have served on the Board of Directors. This Council provides rich history and counsel to those that are in current leadership roles. The Immediate Past–Chair serves as the leader of the Council and acts as the liaison for the Council to the current Board of Directors.
Dan Goode
Patti W. Hamilton
Kimberly Faulk
Joe Shipes
2007 - 2009
Emily Rogers
2004 - 2005
Toni Matison
Holly Floyd Shipman
Pat Craig Corda
Katherine Phillips
Harvey Franklin Campbell
2009 - 2011
Rick Vymlatil
2005 - 2007
Vicki Chouris
2002 - 2004
Darrell Stefany
2000 - 2001
Eleanor Krusell
1995 - 1997
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