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“Volunteering creates opportunities for relationships with the leaders in the Florida festival and event community. I get to know fellow event professionals as they get to know me on another level. I've substantially grown my business through my FFEA volunteer efforts. One of the best business advice that I have received was 'Don't just join an organization to be a member; join an organization to be visible, to further share your expertise and embody your brand.' Volunteering is the way to achieve that goal.” - Lanie Shapiro, Touch Poll South Florida

What Does It Mean to Serve in a Non-Profit Organization?

To serve means that you are committed to the mission and principles of an organization, and want to actively participate in perpetuating and enhancing the value of that organization. You have the opportunity to give your time, passion and energy to that mission, which allows you to be a part of a purpose bigger than yourself. Volunteer Service allows you to give back to an organization that has provided you many opportunities to grow in your profession as well as personally. It is very rewarding to the individual.

Why Should I Serve With FFEA?

FFEA is the leading organization in Florida committed to the growth and professional development of the Event Industry and it's Professional Leaders. Your volunteer service provides you the opportunity to have a voice in the industry and to build a network of colleagues who have common interests and passions. Together, those who serve make a huge difference in your industry. Serving as a volunteer leader in FFEA shows your commitment to the organization and its members, as well as your desire to positively impact the event community in Florida.

What is Required of me in Serving With FFEA?

The most important requirement of volunteer service is your commitment to be actively involved. This means that you participate, provide your creativity, take on responsibility at a level you’re able to commit to, and embrace team effort. The beauty of serving is no one person does all the work. The benefits of contributing are the personal and professional development that you receive in return through working with others for a common goal.
Secondary elements you will need to evaluate are the time, budget and meeting commitments throughout the year. Various service opportunities involve everything from face-to-face meetings, video calls to conference calls. Time and expense can be involved… but the ROI to both your career and organization will be huge. Why…Because you are serving with the industry’s best.

Where Can I Impact FFEA?

There are endless opportunities to positively impact FFEA and the event industry in Florida. Want to improve event education - there is a committee for that. Want to help grow scholarships - there is a committee for that. Want to create networking opportunities - there is a committee for that. Want to engage the next generation of event professionals - there is a committee for that. The key is to determine what you are passionate about in your profession and jump in. FFEA is always looking for people with fresh ideas and a passion for the association and supporting professions.

What Will My Impact Be?

Your impact on the industry can be unlimited and is fueled by your drive, energy and desires. Everyone has an expertise and FFEA gives you the chance to channel that expertise where it can directly impact people’s lives and careers. Through the work of committees, task forces and the Board of Directors, you’re able to work on projects to advance the profession. The reward you’ll feel personally from impacting others is priceless.

What Will Service Mean to me Professionally and Personally?

It may sound cliché, but the more you do, the more you’ll receive - both personally and professionally. Serving FFEA is the ultimate win-win. Your support and participation brings a sense of satisfaction from giving back to the profession and the opportunity to grow professionally as a leader. Serving means so much more than Return on Investment. It means Return on Life. Some of your greatest life memories and closest friends may be born out of volunteering with FFEA.

FFEA LOVES Diversity!

FFEA has a commitment to diversity at every level of service. With FFEA diversity and inclusiveness means race, gender, age, personality types, sexual orientation gender/identity, and geographic locations just to name a few. FFEA understands that diversity allows us to make better decisions because we are exposed to different opinions, perceptions, values and experiences. These differences are integrated to create an experience that expands everyone’s horizons and opportunities.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started serving with FFEA is easy. There are a variety of paths to take:
Whichever path you take, the end result is always to connect your passion with a need of service.
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