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Scaling Up Your Event

Date: Aug 22, 2019

Session Description

How to scale up your event in an increasingly competitive landscape, whether it is increasing attendance at a single event or expanding events within your portfolio. Will incorporate tangible best-in-class examples across food and wine festivals, music festivals, endurance racing and other large consumer events.
  • How to Prep Your Festival for Scaling and Knowing When You’re Ready
  • Choosing the right systems and technology that will allow you to scale, and installing those systems correctly among your staff and back-of-house vendors
  • Strongly defining your brand and staying true to it in the face of outside pressure, and leveraging influencers and ambassadors to amplify your key messaging.
  • Investing time in curating the right vendor and sponsor population, and collaborating with sponsors on their activations to enhance the attendee experience while greatly increasing your topline revenue.
  • Expanding programming to be more inclusive and grow your offering to attendees (and the size of your audience), while staying true to your mission. Ex: Adding food, music and cultural performances to a film festival.
  • Selling early and with purpose: Advance sales, even on festival day for the following year, both for attendees and vendors/sponsors, help build the strong foundation and momentum needed to scale. Ex: Pre-sale incentives, contests, priority booth selection etc.
Targeted Attendee Experience Level:
Beginner, Intermediate

Michael Bleau Michael Bleau

Michael Bleau

CEO & Co-Founder, Event Hub

As CEO of Event Hub, the first exhibitor management platform + global sponsorship marketplace, Michael works with hundreds of festivals, races and expos nationwide. Prior to this, Michael accumulated over a decade's worth of experience as an event sponsorship and festival producer. Before coming over to the live event industry, Michael had stops at Lionsgate Entertainment and cloud analytics powerhouse Applied Predictive Technologies. Off the clock, three things he loves are Philadelphia Eagles football, guacamole and superhero movies.
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